Today is my birthday.  In ten days, we will be married.

Yesterday Gavin and I both had a day off from work, so we celebrated my 21st a day early.  He came over to my parents’ bright and early at 8:30 in the morning so that we could spend the entire day together.  Gavin showered me with gifts.  I got a record player, an electric piano, and a bottle of my favorite perfume.  He even took me to a chick flick.  We saw “Julie & Julia” and I just about died.  It was the perfect movie for us to see for my birthday.  It was so darling and all about cooking so obviously I loved it.  Then we walked over to Williams-Sonoma (of course) so I could walk around and drool over every unnecessary kitchen tool on the planet.  We went Yard House for lunch, where they gave me a ridiculously good chocolate mousse (with no embarrassing song, thank heaven).  After lunch we had to run some boring wedding errands and ended up at Gavin’s parents’ for dinner.  His mom made me homemade mac & cheese (by request) and they had my favorite mint & chip Baskin Robbins cake for dessert.  I am too spoiled.  Gavin had night school so I dropped him off and drove over to our loft in Carlsbad to do some nesting.  I set up a few things and tried to make it look more like a home, since poor Gavin is staying there all alone  until we are married.  I didn’t like being there alone for the short few hours that Gavin was at school- it felt so lonely without him there.  I was so glad to see him when class was over and I picked him up- he was so tired after a long day of spoiling me and finishing it off with a boring History lecture but he still put on a happy face and drove me all the way back to Temecula.  He is so good to me.  I feel so lucky to have someone take care of me so well.  I am truly blessed.  This Birthday was the best one yet, and I can’t wait to spend every single one with Gavin forever.


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  1. Pop

    Merry Christmas to the 3 of you

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