and we’re back.

It’s been a good 8 months since my last post…but in just a short amount of time, life has changed drastically.  We found out a few months ago that we are expecting(!) and life has been a whirlwind of changes ever since.  Lately our spare time has been spent drooling over pictures of nurseries, noticing babies EVERYWHERE, searching for a bigger place, and saving money for our first family car.  The news was kind of overwhelming at first, and I’ll admit I doubted my readiness little, but everything is slowly falling into place.  Gav got an opportunity for a full-time route at work, so I will be able to stay at home with the baby.  Both sides of the family have come to the rescue with tons of advice and help on how to prepare, and we just happen to have the BEST health insurance.  We feel very blessed.

I have to give one shout out: Gav has been super-husband.  I have slowly turned into a monster (weepy, nauseated, sneezy, and very VERY tired) and he’s adjusted like a champ (breakfast in bed EVERY morning, anyone?).  I don’t know how anyone does this pregnancy thing without a Gavin around.  I’m thinking about hiring him out in the future  for some kind of “pregnancy pampering service”.  We’d make a killing.

Lastly, I want to compile a short-list of things I haven’t been able to live without so far this pregnancy.  I’m almost 4 months, so things may be added to this list as time (and my stomach) stretches on.

1.  Gap Maternity Favorite Tee (black)

Oh, the things to love about this tee.  I own two already, and plan on buying a few long-sleeved ones in the fall/winter.  It’s stretchy, lightweight, and it BREATHES (brownie points for the days when hot flashes join your repertoire of ever-growing talents).  I also like that it’s a crewneck, but the collar line doesn’t choke me.  Now that I realize that my stomach isn’t the only *ahem* body part that is growing, even the highest v-necks are out of the question because mommy-cleavage seems indecent to me and mine seems to creep toward my neck more and more everyday.  This crewneck is just perfect.  My favorite is black because I like to pretend I look teensie when I wear it, even though it looks like I’m hiding a bowling ball under my shirt.

2.  Body Pillow

I got mine at Costco for $12.00.  I used to be the super-snuggly type, but EXTREME sensitivity to smells has changed that quickly.  I love Gav, but sometimes a non-scented pillow is the only option for any kind of rest (as long as I’m pregnant, at least).  Because I’m such a small human, it was too full when i bought it.  I took some of the stuffing out so I can bear-hug the whole pillow while I sleep.  It makes a huge difference in comfort AND works to help me stay on my side while I sleep (who doesn’t love multi-functional items, America?)

3.  Sports Bra

It STRETCHES.  Enough said.

4.  Belly Band

I actually bought the cheaper version by the same company called the “Be Band” at Target.  Why haven’t I been using this my whole life?  I should have at least been bringing it along to Thanksgiving dinner…just in case.  It kept me in my favorite skinny jeans for the first few months, and is still helping me work my office wear.  It even helps out at church (how many of YOUR clothes do that?)- I just leave my skirt unzipped and slide the belly band around the top to keep it up.  With a long shirt over it, you don’t even notice, so I fool everybody.  AND I LOVE FOOLING YOU GUYS.  Just kidding.  No I’m not.  Ha, I fooled you again.

5.  Old Navy Yoga Pants

These babies are a life-saver.  While I’m still able to wear my office pants with the help of my “Be Band”, and unclosed zipper is super itchy against sensitive pregnant lady skin, and by the end of the day I don’t want ANYTHING to touch my stomach.  That’s where stretchy pants save the day.  I love old navy ones because they have a stretchy tab at the top instead of a drawstring, and theyre soft and stretchy but not shiny (who wants shiny pants when they’re not clubbing?  or cross-dressing?).  They get me from the grocery store to the in-laws to the laundrymat to napping in one outfit.  And they’re not even embarrassing to wear, you guys.  They look like everyone else’s pants.  I like fitting in (and fitting in pants no matter how much the baby decided to grow overnight) so these are a keeper.

6.  Maternity Jeans (duh)

I’m a simple girl, so I do alright with basic tees and straight-leg jeans with elastic in the waistband.  I just accessorize with cute shoes and a fun haircut…and tell myself that no one judges pregnant ladies for not being stylish.  Right?  RIGHT??!!!

7.  Nailpolish

This probably seems so silly, but on days when my face is peeling AND breaking out (helllooooo, teenage skin) and none of my clothes want to fit, it’s nice to look down through tear-rimmed eyes and see that at least one part of me looks pretty.  I have been pampering my toes and hands for a few reasons.  First of all, I know I won’t have the time to do things like this for myself when the baby comes.  Secondly, because it makes me FEEL polished and girly, even if I don’t really look like it.

8.  Flats

My shoe size hasn’t expanded yet, but when it does, I’ll be ready.  I love flats with elastic in the back.  Clearly, stretch factor is a big deal for me right now.  Another reason for flats playing a big part in my wardrobe is my lack of coordination.  My center of gravity must be off now, because I am prone to falling over (is it just me?  or does this happen to everyone else?).  Flats make the fall shorter.  Plus, they’re comfy without leaving the impression that I’m sporty in any way.

I’m getting tired of writing, and you’re getting tired of reading, so I’ll end the list here.  What are your pregnancy must-haves?  Share, and I’ll add it to my list.  Prenatal Massages, maybe??

I’m looking forward to posting pics of my belly (not really…but friends and family are begging for them, so I’ll comply…groan).  I don’t have any that show my tummy, but those will come shortly.  Here’s a pic of Gavin & I at my friend Colin’s rad wedding this weekend.  The pretty lady on my left is my friend Shauna, whose blog I swiped the shot from (Thanks, Shauna!).




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3 responses to “and we’re back.

  1. Kelly Jo! I must agree with most everything on your list. I’m almost 7 months and I STILL fit into my regular jeans because of the BeBand. So wonderful. One thing I also love are dresses with empire waists (and maxi dresses are the hot item this summer!) because they are so comfy and don’t strangle your belly. And you actually look pregnant, not fat – that’s a plus. Gap and Old Navy maternity shirts have been my favorite thus far. They are soft and snuggly and breathable. I think I own about five black maternity shirts from Gap and Old Navy. Sign up to receive their sale emails and you can get really good deals from their websites!

    One complaint, about pregnacy clothing however…have you noticed that the maternity section for Target is also in the plus-size section? That they are combined? Is this supposed to make up preggo ladies feel any better about our growing bellies?!

  2. youre hilarious. i loved this wordy post.

  3. Nicole Stefl

    HAhahaha, Kelly Jo! You’re SO funny, and I enjoyed reading this. When I get married and am expecting, I’ll know where to go to get a list of “pre-pregnancy needs”…YOUR BLOG! Thanks ;:^>

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