Allow me to preach a little

Okay, so pregnancy “glow” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  More like pregnancy “shine”…as in oily teenager skin.  The kind that peels and is dry in some places too, you know, just because.  The hormones of my youth are back in action and cursing my pores on the daily.  I have been wearing Lancome products all of my (short) adult life, and use their tinted moisturizer instead of foundation.  Since my second trimester has started, my oil production has kicked into overdrive, and I usually end up looking like I doused my face with bacon grease by the end of the day (sorry for the visual- just trying to give you guys the full effect here).  To make matters worse, I recently cut bangs, and they end up looking like dreadlocks after only a few hours.

I slid into Nordstrom yesterday on a oil slick, rushing to the Lancome counter to lament my woes to the saleslady.  She was older, and very sweet.  She looked at me over the bifocals that had started to slide down her nose and whispered gently, “My manager would kill me for saying this, but you don’t need Lancome, my dear.  You need Kiehls.”

And thus began my journey toward new skin.  The Kiehls salesgirl (Melyssa, my new BFF obviously) introced me to the Sodium PCA Oil-Free Moisturizer…basically liquid gold.  Check it out here.  It’s gentle and light, and within ONE DAY (I’m serious, you guys) my pores are visibly smaller.  It’s 2:30, I’m not even a little bit greasy, all thanks to this little treasure:

She also got me started with their tinted moisturizer, which has SPF protection, feels light on my skin, and stays put while I’m working all the live long day.  On top of all this, Kiehls products are a FRACTION of the cost of Lancome products.  I may never go back.  They’re not even paying me to say this, you guys.  Melys (BFF’s always need a nickname.  Always.) gave me some free samples of other products, and I am HOOKED.  But that’s for another post…called my birthday wishlist.

Over & out.



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2 responses to “Allow me to preach a little

  1. TRAITOR!!!!! Just kidding. I love Kiehls. They have super fab hair products too. Try them sometime. 🙂

  2. kjlovesgav

    don’t worry- she gave me some haircare samples 🙂

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