update, update!

I have been royally awful at updating our blog.  I just don’t feel like much has changed…

oh, wait.  We moved into a new place in a new town, my belly is getting bigger everyday, and TONS of things are changing.  So here’s the scoop:

Our new place is great.  A littler further inland (like three minutes…I’m such a baby), but it’s twice the size of our tiny loft by the beach, it has a great big kitchen and there is an extra bedroom for our tiny babe!  Gavin’s favorite part is the garage.  It’s my favorite too…because it means we don’t have any surfboards on the floor in the living room.  Other perks include our own washer and dryer, an enormous master bedroom, and we can paint (!!!).  The living room is still under construction (christmas crafts galore!) but I’ll post some pictures after we get our Christmas tree this weekend. 

As far as the pregnancy goes, everything was smooth sailing…and then i got super sick.  Allergies, asthma, and cold weather combined with an intense cold that took me out for about two and a half weeks.  Late last Saturday night I was coughing super hard and my poor body decided it couldn’t take it anymore.  I started showing signs of preterm labor.  I chalked it up to being sick and needing more sleep.  I’m a chronic under-reactor.  Gavin didn’t buy it.  He’s definitely the worrier in this relationship.  By morning we (read: Gavin) decided I needed to go get checked out, so we headed to the hospital.  It was pouring rain when we got to the ER and I was openly annoyed and wanted to just turn around and go home.  I was super embarrassed by the time we got to see a doctor.  I felt like I was taking up a bed for real sick people, and was super apologetic to everyone I saw.  The nurses were pretty amused that I kept telling them how sorry I was when they had to take my pulse or check the machines monitoring my contractions.  Gavin ended up having to say a lot of things like “yes, she is always like this” and “it’s okay, honey, it’s their job”.

After a short wait, the on-call OBGYN came in to check on the baby and examine me.  (IF YOU ARE A BOY OR ARE GENERALLY GROSSED OUT BY BODY PARTS, SKIP THE NEXT FEW PARTS OF THE STORY.  THAT MEANS YOU, DAD.  SPOILER ALERT:  IT ALL TURNS OUT OK)  I figured she would check me quickly, tell me everything was fine, give me a lollypop and send me on my way.  I couldn’t wait to rub it in Gavin’s face the whole way home.  It didn’t really go down that way.  After checking things out, the doctor told us that I would need to be moved into the maternity ward to be monitored.  Apparently I was dilated a little more than 1 centimeter and had lost my mucous plug (Ickkkk, I know.  You can’t say I didn’t warn you).  Whatever you do, DON’T google “mucous plug”.  You’ll regret it.  I’ll tell you what it is so you can avoid looking it up:  it’s basically a layer of mucous that the body develops wayyy up in your business by the baby.  It’s in place to protect the baby from infection or bacteria.  There.  That wasn’t too bad, was it?  (YOU CAN START READING AGAIN HERE, DAD) Gavin asked the lady doc if everything was ok, and I quickly jumped in and answered “Oh yeah, hun.  This is totally normal.  My body is just preparing for labor.  This happens to everyone, right?”  The answer was no.  I was only 32 weeks at the time, and that’s really too early for anything to be going on down in the baby incubator.  Dang.  So, Gavin was right (when was that even allowed to happen???) and the hospital was where I needed to be.  I was wheeled down to labor and delivery, which was super freaky.  Gavin started saying fun and exciting things like “What if the baby comes today?” and “You can go into labor any minute!”  Ermmmm…wow.  I got to be on monitors for 4 hours, and examined like 40 more awkward and humiliating times.  Another fun highlight was when an ER nurse took my pulse right on top of the spot where someone had just drawn blood.  Yeeeeooowwwch.  

On the brighter side, the maternity ward at Scripps Encinitas is nothing short of amazing.  We were so impressed.  Our nurse was a sweetheart, the room was private and huge, and the whole place felt so fancy.  (Note: the juice at Scripps Encinitas is so so SO delicious.  HELLO passionfruit-guava with crushed ice.  They even have bendy straws.  Are you listening to me, people??? I said crushed ice and bendy straws!!!).  At the end of the day, the doctor decided it would be safe to send me home under the condition that I met with my own baby doctor first thing in the morning.

 Long story….trying to shorten it…basically she isn’t going anywhere for now.   I’ve been put on “modified bedrest”  which is just a fancy way of saying “take it easy, big mama”.  Fine by me.  I’m currently cuddled up on the couch with my down comforter switching back and forth between Top Chef and Paula Deen’s cooking show.  Am I drooling??  Consequently, I have come to the conclusion that I need more mashed potatoes, butter, poached pears and semifreddo in my life.  TV can be so convincing.



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7 responses to “update, update!

  1. Pop

    I read it and yes – yuk!
    Oh well – glad the little tyke is ok

  2. Pop

    I that a photo of the plug at the top of this page?

  3. Yippppeeeee for crushed ice.

  4. Everett

    Is your new place the one we have seen? Or did you move into a new place?

    • kjlovesgav

      It’s the same place you guys have been to…I just haven’t blogged in a while. We’ve made a lot of changes though, so it would probably seem like a different place!

  5. So glad everything is okay! And I’m glad you love the hospital. It will make labor so much easier if you feel comfortable. 🙂 Take it easy, girl!

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