christmas is coming…

…the belly’s getting fat!

Just so you know, I had to lean waaaaay over to see my new (very comfortable) shoes that I snagged at Nordstrom Rack on black friday.  We did buy one other item that day, and it’ll be delivered tomorrow…so expect another post on that soon 🙂

In other news, we bought a rocking chair for our baby girl’s room!  It’s super comfortable and upholstered in the happiest green fabric I have ever seen.  I’ll admit I’m pretty dang proud of this find- it is in perfect condition and has all of the original upholstery and hardware from when it was originally manufactured at a local San Diego furniture company.  It rocks and spins and even came with a cute bundle of vintage pillows.  Here’s a shot of it in the shop before we brought it home:

Last thing I have to share is the Christmas craft that Gav was so sweet to help me with.  Being this pregnant keeps me from rearranging furniture and cooking extravagant meals this holiday, so I’ve gotten slightly crafty.  Blame it on the boredom (at least I’m blogging more, right?? Two days in a row has to count for something).  It was a pretty simple project- wrap a foam wreath in yarn, make flowers out of felt, and glue them on.  Anyway, here’s the project halfway through:

I can’t get the pictures of the final product to upload, and I’m running out of patience, so I”ll try again tomorrow…maybe…


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