the first 730 hours

Sorry for the radio silence.  I’ve been a little distracted by this tiny creature:

Ireland Jane Eddy was born 1/12/11.  She weighed just 6 lbs 9 oz and was 18 inches long.  I’m working on getting the story of her birth all written down and will be happy to share it when I finish.  To be honest, it’s a little hard to look back on, so I’m taking my time.  After I was induced, I labored with Ireland for a little over 22 hours and had to finally deliver her by Cesarean.  I felt a little defeated and I’m still trying to come to terms with it.  Looking at her sweet face everyday is a great reminder to me that I didn’t fail by not delivering her naturally.  I still brought a beautiful, calm spirit into the world and that is something I am proud of.  She is already a lot like her mommy in some ways (calm, content, and just happy to be here) and a lot like her daddy (fidgety, wiggly, and hungry all the time).  From the moment she came out she was peaceful and observant- checking everything out and kicking her strong little legs at all the nurses. 

Now she’s a month old and time seems to be going by too quickly for my taste.  I just want to hold onto her and soak up every second I have while she is still so tiny.  So you’ll all understand why I haven’t been blogging or posting enough pictures.  I forgive myself because it’s more important for me to snuggle my precious daughter and let her know how much I love her.

In the past month she’s added many impressive talents to her repertoire, including but not limited to: nursing like a champ, spitting up on daddy, pooping on daddy, holding her head up, grunting like a dinosaur, looking around, staying awake for more than 5 seconds, snoring in church, and helping with the grocery shopping.

Thank you for the last month, Ireland,  We’re so glad you’re here.



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3 responses to “the first 730 hours

  1. So glad she is here. She is so rad.

  2. Eric Durbin

    So Happy for you K Jo!!

  3. Nettie

    Congrats, you are an awesome Mommy! What a precious little girl. Sorry things didnt’ turn out the way you would have liked. 😦 Hang in there!

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